Tue, 16 Apr 13

Welcome to our New Site

So after eight years we thought it was about time we update our website...we started this process three years ago!  It is crazy how time flies and how little time we are left with at the end of each day to actually find time to work on this whole endeavour.  In short, it has taken us a long three years to get to this stage.  Yes, we still have things to add - photos, information and fine tuning this and that - but if we waited, well we think another three years could easily fly by before we get everything exactly as we would like!  So we have 'bitten the bullet' so to speak (cause in reality, that would really hurt) and are happy to present you with our new website at 80% completion.

Our gallery is now reflective of the designs we are doing today.  You are able to see our stationery in play throughout various photo shoots, not only were we lucky enough to provide the concepts for, but were also able to show the diversity of stationery elements that we create.  As corporate and other events are also a big part of our work, we have also included a gallery to showcase some of the stationery designed for some amazing clients.

We will still be regularly updating our Facebook page, so keep checking in with us on there as you will be able to see even more designs that we work on that won’t always be featured in our website gallery, as well as some photos from ‘Real Life Wedding’s’ that either couples or some fabulous photographers supply for our use.

We look forward to hearing from you about your special day, about our new website, for any stationery requirements you may have, any feedback or just a general ‘hello’.  Hopefully I can find the time to keep you updated on this blog too, as I don’t think a post every three years will cut it!

Happy Stationery days to you all! xox